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Airbag For Regular Water Work Harness

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Airbag For Regular Water Work Harness

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Don't loose your dog in water !!!


In order to be able to evolve in water in all security, this airbag is a 9 liters inflatable mattress, contained in a small cordura pouch.
The inflate mattress is made of a rugged synthetic fabric bonded to polyurethane.
It sets through the intermediary of a 38 mm webbing collar closed by a clip buckle, and of a bronze snap to put on the breastbone ring of your water work harness.
In case of faint or emergency, in order to maintain the head of the dog out of water and to help towards his floating, it inflates itself while pulling on a cord that strikes a CO2 cartridge.
After use, the air mattress can be deflated and replaced in is pouch as before.
With the insertion of a new CO2 cartridge, it is immediately ready for use again.
Includes free 3 x CO2 cartridges and bronze snap.
Bag dimensions 6 2/3 x 3 1/7 x 2, cartridge 16 gr.


Available in 2 collar sizes :

M = Neck adjustable from 16 1/2 to 25 Inches

L = Neck adjustable from 19 to 32 Inches


Made in Italy


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