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Bike Antenna

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Bike Antenna

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WARNING ! Before ordering this antenna it is important to check the diameter of the fork tube of your bike or scooter, the English standard is 1-1 / 8 "or 28.6 mm.

It also requires a space of 10 mm minimum under the handlebars.



Instructions for mounting are available on this page.
This bike antenna is designed to prevent the line from getting stuck in the front wheel of your bike when dropped relaxed.
It is only a guide for the line, the line must in no case be attached to the end of the antenna.
The line must imperatively be fixed on the frame of the bicycle.
Its spring serves to cushion the jolts.
Its installation is easy and will only take a few minutes.
You can also easily disconnect the antenna from its support in 30 seconds, with an Allen key, for use of your bike without a dog.
The support will stay on your bike.
I draw your attention to the fact that the antenna is fixed on the same axis as your handlebars, which can affect the rotation of your handlebars in case of changes of direction of the dog.


Choose the bikejoring line according to your dog's weight :

Less than 22 kg - Bikejoring Tow Line Light For Antenna

More than 22 Kg - Bikejoring Tow Line For Antenna


Antenna in stainless steel, aluminum support.
Weight : 240g.
Length overall 63 cm.
Antenna length 55 cm.

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