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Cool Down Crate Mat

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Cool Down Crate Mat

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Loaded with super-absorbent polymer crystals that absorb and hold water for up to two days, and can be reused thousands of times.
The crystals work just by soaking them in water and stay plump and hydrated for up to two full days.
The crystals retain the coolness of the water and work in combination with the evaporation process against your dog to keep him cool.
Helps lower your dogs body temperature without freezing or ice.
Made of 100% cotton.
Dimensions 26''x 36'' Color : Orange only To activate cooling action : Immerse the cooling doggie mat in cold water for 30 minutes.
Advanced polymer cooling crystals encased within the mat will plump up to cold your dog down for two full days.
During soaking period, occasionally squeeze mat to spread MiraCool crystals evenly throughout the channels.
After 30 minutes, place the mat on a flat surface or in a carrier so that cooling crystals are positioned against your dog's body.
Cooling sensations pass to pulse points and are carried throughout dog's body.
Turn over occasionally to refresh cooling sensations.
As we are based on the French Riviera, we took advantage of this place to make a test.
(click on test) We used a in/out thermometer in C°.
We placed the mat outside on a table, in the shade.
At 17.32 H the thermometer shows 2 measurements /; on the top the ambient temperature just near the mat, at the bottom the temperature of the outside remote unit placed under the mat.A difference near 4°C !!!

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