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Fire Hose Floating Dumm

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Fire Hose Floating Dumm

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Red handle.

We recycle used fire hoses by making floating dummies.

Dummy length 28 cm.

Dummy width 11 cm.

Handle length 14 cm.

Weight 180 grams.

Orange color and according to arrivals…


Durable dummy for dog training, ideal for teaching the dog, through a game, to bring an object back to its mouth.

These dummies are made of PVC coated braided fire hose which makes them very strong and resistant to "chewing" and destructive dogs.

However, we advise you to teach your dog to measure the power of his jaw, it is out of the question that a victim is brought back to the ground with punctured arms !!!


 Made in France by Doonerak's Runners ®


IMPORTANT : Do not to let play your dog without supervision to avoid destruction.

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