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Floating Target Handle

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Floating Target Handle

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The target handle is a floating inflatable that is very recognizable by its shape and its way of floating to learn more easily to the dog by means of an object, to pick up and bring back.
We teach the dog to bring back the handle, then we attach to this handle what we want, buoy, rope, board, etc.
Once exercise is included, you can remove the handle and have the trailer directly towed.
You can start learning on the ground before going into the water.
To avoid any incident, we recommend never tie your dog with this handle.


IMPORTANT : Do not to let your dog without supervision to avoid destruction.


Made of padded cordura with floating material and bronze snap.
Weight 90 grams.
Lenght 26 cm, width 11 x 5 cm.
Color Orange.

Made in France by Doonerak's Runners ®


You can customize your target handles by changing the color of the webbing that supports the snap, the handle itself remains orange for high visibility.


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