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Hollow Rope Dyneema SK78 8 mm

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Hollow Rope Dyneema SK78 8 mm

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Sold by meter (unit).
The dyneema is a material that offers a very strong resistance, about 2 to 4 times more than wire rope at a same diameter *, for a light weight and with a light "fluage*".
The Dyneema 12 strands hollow rope can be bond easily and resist the abrasion because covered with geothane, it also has a good U.V resistance, it is imputrescible and floating.
Several qualities of dyneema exist SK75, SK78 and SK90.
Our choice for the 12 strands SK78 rope was based on the resistance/weight equation, in relation to the types of uses that we wish to make.
Remarks :
1 - This rope is difficult to cut, therefore it doesn't fear dog bites.
2 - We sell this rope color silver gray only, after tests the other colors fade themselves quickly.
3 - We sell this rope from the diameter 4 mm, underneath the accidental knots are impossible to remove if they have been pulled.


* According to the type of wire rope.
** Fluage = physical phenomenon that provokes the irreversible distortion of a rope submitted to a constant traction.
*** Ensimage = Lubrication surface treatment of a composite material in path exit on the basis yarns, intended to facilitate the splicing operations.

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