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A.F Lead Security

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A.F Lead Security

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From 42.00 to 46.00 Euro.


BE CAREFUL, verify during your choice of webbing color, you also have several webbing widths. For example the red webbing can be in 25 m/m width, color code 024 or in 30 m/m width, color code 031.


Inspired by the French army training leashes, but improved into our workroom, this leash is made with 1 or 1.1/6 webbing according to the colors.

This leash is fitted with one security snap on one side, a regular snap on the other and two bronze rings.

Using the bronze hardware allow this leash to stay into a moist environment without rusting the metal parts.

The security snap simplest use, guarantee you an instantly release, even with just one hand and even the dog is in excitement with his collar tight.

Adjustable in 2 lengths 4' 2.39" or 5' 7.72".


Available colors

Webbing 1.1/6

004 Indian Red, 030 Black, 031 Red, 037 Blue.


Webbing 1

000 Silver, 021 Neon Pink, 023 Purple, 024 Red, 025 Black, 026 Electric Green, 027 Blue, 028 Green, 029 Kaki Green, 035 Brown, 032 Neon Yellow, 036 Neon Orange.


Webbing 1" Special Series Colors **

0039 Camo, 050 Hawaii Pink, 051 Hawaii Blue, 052 Hawaii Red, 053 Hawaii Black, 068 Hawaii Green, 054 Geometric, 055 Service Dog, 056 Working Dog, 057 Flowers, 059 Stars, 060 Snow Flakes, 063 Reflective Orange, 064 Tie Dye


Check the Color Code.


** Extra for special color added when choosing color, no reflective tape on special colors.


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Made in France by Doonerak's Runners ®

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