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Pipolino For Small Dog

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Pipolino For Small Dog

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The Pipolino is a mobile and adjustable food dispenser (pellets) that your pet is rolled on the ground to get his food when he's hungry.
It provides sufficient physical exercise several times a day The Pipolino is a toy but above all an instrument of comfortnecessary for your sedentary dog.
Easy and quick adjustment of distribution of food can occupy the dog for several hours a day.
This occupation will prevent boredomwhile reassuring him and comforting him.
This activity is sufficient to avoid a sedentary lifestyle because it is several times a day, and the slow food ingestion prevents digestive problems.
Used by your dog when left alone prevents separation anxiety and its consequences: destruction, barking, stress factors for stomach ulcers.
Used by the puppy from weaning allows him to avoid separation anxiety from his mother and his family. the Pipolinobecomes asecurity product (doudou) that feeds him and with which he playsand sleeps.
Color : Blue, green and pink Lenght: 25 cm, diameter : 10 cm, useful volume : 600 ml (about 200 to 300 g of food), maximum size of the feed: 17 mm.
Use time after filling: 1 to 4 hours, depending on setting.

The Pipolino for small dogs is not indicated, for destructive dogs and dogs over 10 kg , because too small there is a risk of destruction by putting it in their mouths, and by hurting the floor, pipolino must be rolled on the floor.

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