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Silicon Protective Sock

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Protective Sock

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10.30 à 15.50 Euro. Sold by unit.


Keeps wounds and bandages dry and clean.
Flexible silicone material allows full range of movement.
Fits front legs and hind legs.
Easy to fit by cutting and separate hook and loop straps.
Colour : grey.


Available in 4 sizes :

S = Leg measurement 12 cm, length 30 cm

M = Leg measurement 16 cm, length 35 cm

L = Leg measurement 20 cm, length 40cm

XL = Leg measurement 24 cm, length 45 cm


Measuring the size :

Measure the widest part around the leg when the dog is standing (take bandage into account) The protective sock should be 1 cm wider.


Adjusting the length :

Hold protective sock to the leg, mark the length needed and cut accordingly.
For a secure fit, the protective sock should cover the wound as well as the adjoining joint.


Putting it on :

If it is difficult to pull the sock over the leg, you can dust the inside with baby powder.
If you pet has a wound, ensure that nothing gets into the wound.
Attach one fastener above the dew claw, the other at the top of the sock.
Carefully tighten the hook and loop fasteners only so far that they do not impede the necessary blood circulation.


Attention :

If the claws are too long or too sharp, they might damage the sock.
not bite-resistant, only use when pet is supervised.
Airtight, do not use continuously.
Might not endure more intensive, non-designated use like free play, running on sharp-edged ground.
If you are unsure of the correct use, please contact your veterinarian.

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