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Special Mastiff O Ring Collar With Handle

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Special Mastiff O Ring Collar With Handle

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You can be a mastiff… and hate the spikes on a collar…


The O-ring collar forms a complete circle around the dog's neck, but without strangling it.
The 38 mm wide strap handle allows for a good grip.


General informations
40 mm hitch "D" and 80 mm snap.
The hardware used is bronze to prevent rust and forged for great strength.
The adjustment to the neck of your dog is done by an adjustment loop, no hole to adjust the length of the collar, no end of strap which exceeds therefore no possibility of chewing by puppies.
Collars without closure are very reassuring and withstand extreme weather conditions or repeated work.
Once the collar is adjusted, it stays in place without loosening until a new adjustment.
Bronze hardware necklaces are fitted with a strip of yellow retro-reflective tape for night viewing.


Technical informations
Collar and handle in 38 mm webbing and bronze hardware.
Collar in one size, adjustable from 44 to 70 cm around the neck.
Handle 34 cm long.



021 Fluo Pink, 023 Purple, 024 Red, 025 Black, 026 Electric Green, 027 Blue, 036 Fluo Orange


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 Made in France by Doonerak's Runners ®

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