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SpotLit L.E.D. Light

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SpotLit L.E.D. Light

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Shock & Weather resistant, the SpotLit L.E.D.
Light can glow or flash to help your dog been seen and stay safe at night.
Secure stainless steel spring clip Push-button power switch Visible up to 1000 feet in the dark Long life replaceable battery included Available in White, Red or Green L.E.D Dimensions : 1.25W x 2H x 0.75D inches Weight 6 ounces


F.A.Q - My SpotLit automatically turns off after about 1 minute.

Do I received a defective product ? No.
This product has a “Try Me” mode which allows customers to see the glow and flash modes for 30 seconds before turning off automatically.
This feature allows the SpotLit to be tested in stores without having the batteries drained from products being left on.
There should be a yellow sticker inside or attached to your SpotLit with instructions.
To deactivate, you simply press and hold down the switch.
It will first go into the glow mode, then flash rapidly.
Keep pressing down firmly until it shuts off on its own.
(It is important to continue pressing down and wait for the rapid flash to shut off on its own.) This process will remove the “test mode” and allow you to use the product normally.
- What type of batteries does the SpotLIt use?

When your battery gets low, it can be replaced with two 3V Lithium 2016 coin-cell batteries.
Extra batteries can be purchased HERE or can be found wherever batteries are sold.
- Can my dog go swimming while wearing the SpotLit ?

The housing that protects the LED module and on/off switch is weather resistant meaning that it can be exposed to light rain, dust and snow.
We do not recommend that your dog swim while wearing the SpotLit.
If your dog does fully submerge the Spotlit, please remove it and let it completely dry before activating the device.

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