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The Universe Of Sled Dogs

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The Universe Of Sled Dogs

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By André PILON - 304 pages - 22 x 15.5 cm.

If you can imagine yourself standing in the back of a sled, at the controls of a pack of 6 Siberian Huskies winding at full speed a trapper's path, during a snowstorm.

BE CAREFUL ! The musher virus may be sleeping in you...

MUST READ! Basic manual covering all the technical aspects of this activity.

Imagine your faithful companion pulling you on a bike or on a ski.

Take control of a team of Siberian Huskies for a simple forest hike or an ice fishing excursion.

Indispensable for any serious amateur.

100 photos, 100 sketches.

- HISTORY: Cometic *, G.R.C. **, Alaska, ...

- DOGS: Breeds, choice, nutrition, psychology, reproduction, ...

- EQUIPMENT: Kennel, collar, harness, attachment line, draft line, sled, ...

- ACCESSORIES: Clothing, ATV, transport, ...

- ACTIVITIES: Training, hiking, races, skijoring, exhibition, ...

- MISCELLANEOUS: Financing, dangers, insurance, conclusion, lexicon, equivalences ...

* The cometic is a low and long Inuit sled, pulled by one or more harnessed dogs and used for movement on hard snow or on ice.

This traditional means of transportation for the Inuit of the Canadian North was used to transport goods, food or hunting equipment.

The length of the sled is important to reduce “pitch” on uneven snow surfaces.

Of Inuit origin (Inuktitut language), the term cometic is known in the northeastern fringe of Quebec according to the Linguistic Atlas of Eastern Canada (Dulong, Bergeron, 1980).

The term cometic is also sometimes used to designate a toy sled or, further west, a "team of dogs".

** RCMP = Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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