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Walking Aid

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Walking Aid

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From 16.00 to 20.00 Euro.


Suitable for front and hind legs.
Made of comfortable neoprene / polyester
Allows carrying of the body part that needs support as support after operations, during illness or for pets with paralysis.
Help with walking, climbing or descending stairs or getting into a car.
Colour: black.

Take the measurement following image 3 for the front or back.
Available in 4 sizes :
M = Circumference adjustable from 55 to 65 cm.
L = Circumference adjustable from 65 to 75 cm.
L-XL = Circumference adjustable from 75 to 85 cm.


Gently familiarize your dog with the help of walking and make sure you do not stress your dog.
In case of planned intervention, it is strongly recommended to try the walking aid before the operation, so that your dog is accustomed and relaxed during its use.

Important :
When installing the walking aid or when using it, please check that no part of the body is tight or pinched especially in males ...
Adjust the length of the handles so that you can stand comfortably next to your dog to avoid forcing your back.
The metal D-ring on the back combines the walking aid with a harness for secure support.
Do not use the walking aid longer than necessary.
To make sure this item is suitable for your dog, you can consult your veterinarian.

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