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Floating Dog Dummies
Floating Dog Dummies

One often asks us why has as much of different types of floating dummies.


The principle of training to bring back must not be done with only one dummy.

A dog bring back on order any object that you indicated to him.

Avoid the shapes you can meet on the water spots in real conditions, the balls for example, close to the first-aid stations some bathers can plays with balls, other example a boat bumper can be mixed up with dummies during an exercise in a harbor, the dog will be going to cling to all bumpers that it meets.


To vary the shapes, the sizes, the materials, the colors needs to be understood for an efficient work.

Materials, cordura, pvc, flexible or rigid cloths, rubber, ropes, neoprene, the rough or smooth aspect, etc. have the effect of accustoming the hold in mouth with tastes and the different sensations.

The soft, tender or hard densities, teach to the dog to measure out the power of the hold in mouth.

The visibility, little or very floating, different levels, horizontal or vertical teach to the dog to look for a very visible muff quickly or on the contrary to look in raising the head to find a "just on surface" floating dummy.


Resonant in water, the noise of the "splash", weak or strong, important when the dog doesn't see the dummy thrown away.

Resonant with a "pouic pouic" sound, especially used for the puppies or to attract the attention of a dog that abandons the dummies.


In brief, a large choice of types and shapes of dummies with each their specificity, for a varied training.


Despite of all this efforts to vary the training, your dog will necessarily have, his favourite dummy.

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