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Water Work Harness SP 3

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Water Work Harness SP3


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Size "2 night markers" (fo - 57 kg dogs or females) without pockets.


The rethinking geometry and floatable stuffing of this harness allows the rise to a boat board or on a pontoon with the intermediary of large lateral handles, dorsal and back dorsal handles, the dog in the water can continue to work while keeping a stability and comfort.
The upper floatable stuffing protects the dog’s sides to avoid the chocks and possible injuries when the dog moves between various and sharp objects in the water.
Two handles on each side of the dog’s neck can help grab the dog to bring him on board.
One back handle placed as far as possible on the dog’s back in order to have a safe hold for the posterior to be moved upwards.
The central handle is placed in such way that the dog will be put into a safe and steady position during the pick up.
On this central handle one bronze ring is used as a security hook for a « life line » or a floating leash during a water session into rough water.
A removable rope ring can be used for a back traction.
It can be used with or without ventral padding.
Night markers used as a reflective tape set on the back of the harness, it is also possible to place a waterproof flashlight on a free space left on the back of the harness.
This harness is manufactured in black nylon webbing of 50 mm wide (2 inches), it is stitched with a high resistant thread.
It has adjustment and locking by 6 polyacetal clip buckles for an easy fitting and removal.
1000 deniers cordura.

Colors : 024 Red, 027 Bleu.


Differences with the SP2 harness :

Improvements on the dorsal part :

- Thickness increased of 2 m/m on the whole surface (12 m/m instead of 10 m/m).
- 1 supplementary handle, placed on the central strap.
- 2 special straps for security flash lamp on every side.
- Double sewing on the sides of the harness.
- Rear rope buckle in reflective rope.
- All handles are protected by a piece of cordura.
- Harness conceived to be equipped of security facilities :

Airbag, Lifeline bag, Security flash lamps, Double Function Flashligh And Lamp.
Improvements on the ventral part :

- Double adjustment on all ventral straps to avoid an accidental looseness.
- Color thread for the long or short straps.
Total weight completely equipped : 2.2 Kg.
!!! 3 weeks for delivery.


 Made in France by Doonerak's Runners ® Registered design © Doonerak's Runners ®


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