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Yard Cable Leash

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Yard Cable Leash

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The Trixie Yard Cable with Shock Absorber allows your dog to be safe and secure.
Made from vinyl coated cable this is stronger than a chain and is easy to clean, carry, coil and store.
The vinyl coating protects against rust and corrosion.
Can be secured to a stake in the ground, or to a fence pole, tree or side of your house, both ends are fitted with a snap.
A steel shock absorbing spring helps protect your dog from injury.
2 Lengths available : 5 meters or 8 meters to choose during your order.

Do not use this tethering device with a choker-type collar.
Never tether your dog near any obstacle in which the dog can become entangled or suspended.
Never use this product to walk dog.
Use a leash instead.
Remember, not all pets can be tethered effectively.
Owner supervision and judgment are required.

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