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Gang Line Parts

Dog line parts to make your own gang line or to fix them.

IMPORTANT ! Read before ordering your dog line parts.

The main principles must be forgotten :
Weather they are in units or one unique piece the gang lines must always have "standard" lengths.
The only adjustment possible is in the lengthening or shortening of the length of the dogs's harness.
But above all not in the different lengths of the gang/tug lines.The length of a harness is adjusted at the tail cord of the harness which must be lengthened or shortened according to the spaces you have prepared in the gang line.

For a husky type of dog + or – 90 cm, for a malamute type + or - 110 cm.
If you wish, for example, to put the lead dog at the back or be able to put one of your dogs in any other place in the team the length of the harness must correspond to the place that the dog must go to.

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