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Shipping Cost

Shipping fees
We apply the actual costs depending on the weight of your package and the country of destination.
In addition, for deliveries outside mainland France, the customer agrees to pay all taxes due on the importation of products, customs duty, value added tax, and all other taxes due under the laws of the country of receipt of order.

DOONERAK’S RUNNERS® de facto disclaims any legal liability if the payment of taxes was not made by the customer.

The merchandise travels at the risk and peril of the recipient.
It is your responsibility to check, upon receipt of the goods, the condition of the package, and, if necessary, to engage the responsibility of the carrier, even when the shipment is made prepaid.
In the event of a dispute, please mention the damage on the carrier's receipt and confirm your reservations, within 48 hours, by registered letter addressed to the carrier.

Shipping Costs For Returns
When the package presented at the address indicated on the order cannot be delivered to the recipient due to its absence, it is the subject of a deposit notice for recovery in the following days (post office or place indicated by the carrier).
At the end of the period mentioned on the notice, if you have not gone to collect the package, it must be returned to us.
In this case, a second shipment may be made on express request from the customer and after adjustment of the amount of the shipping costs in force corresponding to this new shipment.

Shipping Costs For Exchanges
We exchange the items if they are not suitable but charge the actual cost of reshipping.