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Truelove Excursion Dog Backpack

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Truelove Excursion Dog Backpack

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The Truelove Excursion dog back pack is designed to offer maximum comfort to your dog during your hikes.

This back pack is made up of an adjustable "support harness" and 2 removable saddlebags to carry your dog's food, water and other equipment.

The "support harness" is equipped with a handle placed on the dog's back, very practical when you want to help your dog in difficult passages.

This handle is also accessible when the saddlebags are in place.

It is held in place by 3 adjustable in length straps, neck, chest, sides, back with padded protective pads.

The breastbone "Y" is protected by padding.


The saddlebags are assembled / disassembled using 5 clip buckles, 2 at the front, 2 at the rear and one at the center of the harness.

On each side, 2 pockets, one small and one large, make up the bag.

It is available in 3 sizes and 2 colors.

Materials : Waterproof Oxford cloth and mesh.

D ring on the back to attach the leash, webbing ring at the end of the harness.

Before choosing a harness size, check all the measurements carefully to ensure that the harness is compatible with your dog's morphology.

Color : 024 Red, 026 Green.



Belly measurement


Empty weight*


From 48 to 72 cm

10 Liters

800 Gr


From 58 to 88 cm

14 Liters

850 Gr

* with saddlebags



Not suitable for very small dogs, not having completed their growth or having difficulties in carrying loads (old age, overweight, thinness, handicaps, diseases, etc.).

The morphology of your dog must be adapted to the harness and vice versa : the harness must not swing or turn, and must not be attached too tightly.

In case of doubt, or to make sure of your choice, seek advice from a professional in the canine field (educator, osteopath, veterinarian, etc.).

It is recommended not to make your dog carry more than 15 to 20% of its weight, by integrating the weight of the harness with bags and by gradually accustoming it to it (regular and progressive training, with suitable diet recommended by a professional in the canine field).

The load is also to be adapted according to the duration and the relief of the hike.

Be sure to remove the loads from your dog's harness during your breaks, which must be very regular, and the harness during your overnight stays.

To get your dog used to this new type of harness, have him wear the harness empty and without bags at first, for a few walks.

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