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Floating Dummy Soft

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Floating Dummy Soft

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Black handle.
Special water work dog.
The difference between "Soft" and "Extra Soft" lies into the floating material padding density difference, the "Soft" density is near a human arm one.
Manufactured in cordura, floating material padding, one handle.
Length dummy 45 cm, Length handle 15 cm.
2 diameters Ø 5 or 7 cm.
Ideal to teach the dog, by the intermediary of a game, to bring back one object into his mouth with the intension, after hiding it little by little into the sleeve of your underwater diving suit, to bring back a men by his arm.
Color Red or Orange, 2 available sizes.


One more point : These dummies are voluntary manufactured with a "light material" to teach the dog how to grade his jaw power.

If you notice that there is some fang impacts into the dummy's material it is because your dog had pressed to hard and we let you imagine the state of the flesh if it was an human arm...


Made in France by Doonerak's Runners ®


IMPORTANT : Do not to let play your dog without supervision to avoid destruction.


How to recognize our floating dummies ?

By the handle colors :

Red Handle = Extra Soft Dummy.

Black Handle = Soft Dummy.

Blue Handle = Heavy Dummy.

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